Because implementing authentication should not take more time than the development of the application itself

More often than not, web applications require restrictions regarding who can access the content that they serve. This involves an user management and authentication system, which, if designed inappropriately, can lead to security concerns. However, the development of such system can be time consuming, especially if done repeatedly for multiple applications.

To solve this problem, this article presents a user management and authentication service, built around MongoDB, that can be easily plugged into an existing application with only minimal refactoring.

Additionally, this article introduces middleware for Express and Vue that facilitate the integration of the service into existing applications.

An example application


An versatile approach to using AI in a microservice architecture

Let’s imagine that you’ve just finished training your new TensorFlow model and want to start using it in your application(s). One obvious way to do so is to simply import it in the source code of every application that uses it. However, it might be more versatile to keep your model in one place as standalone and simply have applications exchange data with it through HTTP calls. This article will go through the steps of building such a system and deploy the result to Kubernetes for maximum availability.

The TensorFlow model

In this article, we’ll build a simple Node.js application that uses Express to respond to HTTP requests. In order to deploy this application to production, we’ll also configure a GitLab CI/CD pipeline so as to dockerize it and deploy its conatiner to a Kubernetes cluster.


This article assumes that the following environment is available to the reader:

  • A development environment with Node.js installed.
  • A GitLab instance with an available runner able to run the docker and kubectl commands.
  • A production environment with a Kubernetes cluster reachable from the GitLab instance. For this, Microk8s is easy to get started with
  • A…

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